Yeehaw! It’s a rodeo folks

Yeehaw! It’s a rodeo folks – the lineman rodeo, that is.

New England tryouts for the International Lineman Rodeo competition took place in Massachusetts on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Electric lineworkers from MA and RI participated, with the hopes of gaining a spot on the National Grid team headed to the international competition that will take place in Bonner Springs, Kansas this October.

Tryouts took place for the “team” and “apprentice” categories, as lineworkers were tested in areas like pole climbing and “Hurtman rescue” (where a dummy simulating a hurt lineworker is rescued from a pole).

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The following people will be representing us at the international competition – congratulations!

Journeyman Teams 

  • Daniel McDonald – Chopmist
  • Peter Correia – Providence
  • Adam Irujo – Lincoln
  • Kyle Moreau – Sterling
  • Ryan Flamand – Hampden
  • Mathew Hovagimian – Hampden


  • Stephen Moss – Worcester
  • Brandon Roy – Monson
  • Mike Girard – North Adams

This year’s judges accompanying the lineworkers are: Gary Bourque – Providence,  Paul Sibley – Millbury,  Robert Blackburn – Hopedale,  John Pena – Attleboro and Steve O’ Brien – Millbury.


Melissa Myers

My son graduated from SLTC Lineman school in Dec 2014. All the students competed in a rodeo, what an awesome and exciting event to see. I’m sure its even more exciting watching the more experienced lineman compete.


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