Would you like a helping hand with your Chairman’s Award submission?

Are you thinking about entering your project, but don’t know where to start? We know some people who would like to help.

Chairman's award trophySome of last year’s winning teams have agreed to share their forms, which should help you with your nomination.

Check them out, even if you just want some ideas to get you started with the first sentence…

Safety winners
Pipeline Decision Support Tool – where’s our greatest risk? (UK & US)
Danielle Willett, Chris Conlon, Stuart Jupe, Yelena Rayster and Akshay Rupani.

Inclusion & Diversity winners
‘Veteran to Veteran’ buddy system (US)
Steven Spaeth, Judy Hirsch, James Raab, Kellie Knickerbocker, Margaret Ireland, Gina Jones, Michelle Cupoli and Peter F Allen.

Health & Wellbeing winners
Fit for Work Early Intervention Pilot (US)
Jeffrey Merritt, John Bruckner, Brockton, Hanover, Somerset and Quincy Teams USFx Operations.

Performance winners (replaced with Innovation category for 2016)
UK Distribution Customer Centre – end-to-end process efficiency project (UK)
Simon Davies and Matt Wailoo.

The Chairman’s Awards 2016 are now open for submissions until January 31, 2016.

Once you’ve had a look at last year’s winning submissions, why not go straight to the online submission system and get started on your nomination.

You can find more information on the categories and the criteria for judging in the guidance notes document and judge’s advice is available on the Chairman’s Awards Infonet page.

Good luck!

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