Working together to keep our communities safe

By Martin Sobers

Practicing and being prepared in the event of an emergency is paramount to keeping our communities and customers safe.  And that’s why the Gas Operations team, Strategic Communications, Customer & Community Management, Safety and the FDNY conducted its first joint emergency exercise on Staten Island.  

The drill involved a staged automobile accident with injuries that involved a ruptured high pressure gas line. Employees responded quickly and worked with  FDNY, setting perimeters and making decisions the way they would in a real scenario. This event allowed both teams to realize their strengths and identify opportunities for improvement, and since this was our first joint drill — get to know each other. These are the same employees and first responders that would be involved during actual emergencies. All 50 participants walked away with an amazing appreciation for each other and the understanding the functions they each perform. 

“The highlight for me was seeing how everyone does their part and learning how we all have a role in keeping the community safe” says, Joseph Dorsey Jr., B Mechanic- Field Operations.

Responders also had the chance to preview our First Responder App. The app allows emergency responders to transmit information and pictures to National Grid first responders in advance of our arrival on scene. It lets us know the emergency  scenario and helps us coordinate the type of support and materials needed to help speed up our response and recovery actions. 

Represented departments – CMS, Instrumentation & Regulation, Gas Field Operations

Staten Island Gas Field Operations

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