Why we need additional pipeline capacity

By Karen Young

The LIA welcomed John Bruckner (third from left) and Scott Hallam (to John’s right) for a discussion about the NESE project

The demand for natural gas in our service area continues to grow, mainly from new construction and conversions from oil heat to natural gas. All this new demand for natural gas is reaching the limits of the current supplies to our service area. Our forecast shows that without additional supply there is a possibility that we will have to deny new gas connections. To avert this, we’ve asked our transportation supplier Williams Transco to upgrade its existing natural gas pipeline with the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE). NESE will provide 400 million cubic feet per day, an additional 14 percent of gas supply, to meet the increased demand. The project is going through federal and state approvals and we hope it will be approved in time for the winter 2020/2021 heating season. Our New York President John Bruckner, along with Scott Hallam, Senior Vice President Williams Atlantic-Gulf Operating Area, recently met with the Long Island Association (LIA) Energy and Environment Committee to discuss the NESE project, the future of natural gas in Long Island’s economy and how we are transitioning to a clean energy future. LIA is the region’s largest business group. Newsday interviewed John and Scott and covered the event, here’s the story which includes a short video of John talking about the importance of NESE:  article from Newsday.  

John shares with LIA members the important challenge we face delivering adequate gas supply to meet the growing demand while transitioning to a clean energy future.


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