Why is that blue flag hanging at the guard booth?

Prevent Slips,Trips and Falls – Heed Blue Flag Warnings

In an effort to raise awareness of potential icy conditions in parking lots, Facilities Management has teamed up with Security to provide an extra warning.

guard boothIf you see a blue flag at a manned guard booth as you enter a company parking lot, please proceed with caution. The blue flag will be displayed whenever there is the potential for slippery conditions in parking lots due to temperatures falling at or below freezing.

Please also ensure the following:

  • Wear slip resistant footwear when conditions are slippery.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • IceAlert sign on guard boothPay attention to IceAlert warnings. IceAlerts turn blue when the temperatures are at or below freezing.
  • Use 3 points of contact when entering / exiting vehicles.
  • Keep your eyes on the path and avoid any distractions when walking (i.e. cell phone)
  • Use sidewalks when walking to and from the building. And select the safest path to walk, not necessarily the shortest path.
  • Use handrails when walking up and down stairs.
  • Park in designated areas only.
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!  Please report slippery and/or hazardous conditions immediately to the Facilities Hotline at 877-636-0411.
IceAlert system



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