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By Ellen Cooke

Inclusion and Diversity is all about recognizing and embracing all of our unique backgrounds.

Employee Resource Groups are all about providing our employees the opportunity to share their talents and outlooks with each other, and our diverse customers and communities.

We recognize how important I&D and ERGs are … to our company … to our employees … and to those we serve. Which is why we’re placing greater emphasis and focus on both this year. Our ERG Summit in February was a great start.

“The idea was for all ERG Board members to have the opportunity to network, share best practices, upscale their leadership skills and get momentum going in a year when we are really ‘upping’ our game in the Inclusion & Diversity realm, with the kickoff of a new Inclusion Council and more,” says Carissa Brady, Talent and Diversity Director.

I&D Specialist Adam Murray and a small team of ERG leads planned and facilitated the three-location event in mid-February – taking place in MetroTech, Reservoir Woods and Syracuse. More than 80 people participated, including senior leaders and ERG Executive Sponsors. Highlights included:

  • Fireside chats on inclusive leadership with various internal and external panelists
  • Leadership upscaling sessions with a self-guided tool for identifying and building various capabilities
  • Break-out sessions focused on bringing more value to the company through the ERGs’ ‘4C’ model: Community, Careers, Commerce and Culture
  • Member engagement brainstorming to determine and share best practices
  • Senior leader participation and support from Jodi Allison, Keith Hutchison, Ron Macklin, Jeanette Mills, Marcy Reed, Tatiana Roc and Rudy Wynter
  • Special recognition awards (see below)

At the end of each session was a call to action, where senior leaders encouraged continued engagement in the critical ERG realm. And, in the end, ERG participants were looking for even more opportunities for what they considered a valuable learning and sharing experience. Some of their feedback included:

Wish the day was longer! … Best ERG event I’ve been to in a while … Your dedication to I&D was admirable … I greatly enjoyed the Summit … I look forward to continuing the discussions around sharing best practices that will enhance an inclusive culture at National Grid … The ERG Summit was a fantastic opportunity to meet with, and get to know, other ERG Board members and share what we’re all doing.

2018 ERG Awards




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