What a Job!

On September 22, late in the afternoon in the heart of Brooklyn, a contractor damaged one of our gas mains. Our gas crew was sent to the location to visually inspect the damage and start the repair work.  Under normal circumstances, the emergency response crews would make permanent repairs on the spot. This however proved to be a more involved, labor intensive repair.

The gas main that was damaged was a 16” 15 PSIG steel main that ran partially on the sidewalk of Atlantic Avenue. To keep the public safe and to minimize any loss of service, a different plan was put in place. Once the main was inspected and our crews were able to verify there was no escaping gas, everyone worked together on a plan to repair the damaged sections of pipe.

Due to the nature of the pipe in question, and its location, it was decided the best course of action was to replace the entire damaged section. This would require the coordination of several departments working in unison: Customer Field Services, Gas Field Operations, Field Trainers, Welders and Auxiliary Support Services.

Here’s how it was done …

  • Crews began by identifying and marking the section that would be replaced.
  • Welders installed specific fittings onto the gas main to control the flow of gas.
  • Field Trainers made sure these fittings were set up and operating as per National Grid code.
  • Field Ops and the Field Trainers cut out the damaged section of pipe and replaced it with a new section.
  • CMS was on standby to monitor gas pressures in the area and to assist with the few customers that were impacted by this project.
  • Once the new section was installed, couplings were tightened on both ends to secure it in place and gas was introduced.
  • Once the newly installed section passed its final round of tests and everything was determined to be safe, all of the control fittings were secured.
  • As a final phase, all exposed fittings and pipe had a protective coating applied to prevent corrosive deterioration of the pipe over time.

Another injury free job completed by our field crews – Great team work!  See the project in pictures…

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Claire Sultana

Great example of collaborative working with our Customer’s safety and wellbeing in mind.


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