We’re giving people with disabilities a chance to shine …

By Ellen Cooke

… one mentoring session at a time

For the past year or so, our Enabling Disability Confidence employee resource group has been holding mentoring sessions across our US service area with one inspiring goal: to help young, talented college graduates with disabilities get the job skills they need. And maybe even get a job at National Grid.

In Melville on March 23, employee/mentors teamed up with 14 students in fields ranging from communications, to environmental science, to finance, for our most recent Mentoring Day.

“Our main goal is to help give these young people the chance they need … and deserve … to shine in the work force. The Mentoring Days expose them to a corporate environment, team them up with our professionals one-on-one, and also give them general job search skills,” says Long Island Enabling co-lead Mary Holzmann, who planned this event along with fellow co-lead Susan Bertrand. HR’s Cynthia Angulo, for example, shared interviewing tips. And Consumer Advocates Miguel Santos and Rosanne Small-Morgan (another Enabling LI co-lead) shared their diversity experiences.

Long Island’s CEO, Inc. [the CEO stands for Career and Employment Options] teamed up with National Grid for the event, bringing 11 of the students to us. (The other students came from Abilities, Inc. – the Viscardi Center.) Brian Levine, CEO Inc.’s administrator of vocational and evaluation services, was thrilled with “this phenomenal opportunity. The students we serve want to get out in the real world and put their skills to work. We’re so thankful a large, widely recognized company like National Grid would join us in this endeavor – and they have so many more job opportunities in different fields than I would have imagined!”

Enabling’s EmployABILITY program looks to take things one step further – with departments hiring permanent interns. For more info, please contact Enabling chair Christine Yordt. And watch for more Mentoring Days to come.


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Judy Hirsch

I am so excited to see this! Thank you Enabling Disability Confidence ERG! Excellent work on behalf of National Grid.

richard grodek

i,m a father of a autistic girl you you think she would be good for this program


Hi Rich, it’s definitely worth looking into. Contact Christine Yordt or Mary Holtzmann or Susan Bertrand and join us in the Enabling group.

Josephine Leone

Hi Richard,
Please reach out to Christine Yordt who can tell you a bit about the program which can help you gauge if it’s appropriate or not. I know my sister, who has Down Syndrome, isn’t a good candidate for this role because her abilities are more on the creative side (she’s a great cook!) than analytical or mathematical and her reading level is at first grade as well as her math level. It’s really very subjective to everyone’s interest and ability.


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