We publicly launch Aquidneck Island Reliability Project

Aquidneck Reliability ProjectOn January 21, we publicly announced the launch of the nearly $93 million Aquidneck Island Reliability Project in Rhode Island. Known as OnIsland, this project is a key component of RI’s 5-year capital investment plan and will significantly improve the electrical infrastructure system on Aquidneck Island. It is scheduled to begin this fall and will be completed in 2020.

“The electrical system that serves Aquidneck Island is outdated by today’s standards, and is already stretched near to the limits of its intended capacity,” said Tim Horan, National Grid’s Rhode Island President. “This project is a great reflection of Connect21, National Grid’s vision of the energy delivery company of the future. It will not only strengthen the backbone of the transmission and distribution systems on the Island, but also enable us to provide energy solutions for our customers in the future,” Tim adds.

Specifically, the project includes upgrades to the electricity transmission and distribution systems on Aquidneck Island to bring more reliable power to the nearly 32,000 homes and businesses in Portsmouth, Middletown and Newport. Quite simply, it will result in more reliable power and fewer outages…and when they do happen, faster response time.

This project has been years in the making and is vital to meeting future energy needs. A study of the Island determined that the current system has a peak load of 147 MW, while recent forecasts indicate a peak load need in the near future of approximately 167 MW. This 20 MW difference is enough electricity to power roughly 3,000 homes for a year.

Specific upgrades include:

  • Two state-of-the-art substations in Middletown and Newport with remote operation capabilities.
  • Reconfiguration of two high-voltage transmission lines located in National Grid rights-of-way between Portsmouth and Middletown.
  • Local distribution work in Middletown and Newport.
  • Retirement of five substations on the Island.

Employees can follow the progress of the project at: www.onislandngrid.com or at the Twitter handle @OnIslandNG.

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