WE graduation – Part 2 (Why they care about WE)

By Ellen Cooke

Meet the WE DNY Class of 2015!

Meet the WE DNY Class of 2015!

We recently published an article on the most recent – and biggest ever – graduating class of our Women Empowered (WE) program.

Now see what people involved in WE are saying about the program (all the people listed below are Class of 2015 WE graduates, unless otherwise noted)

“It helps you focus on you. It helped me connect to what’s going on in the company and see where I am and where I should be going.”
Hyacinth Winn, Resourcing Sr. Analyst

“I’m from the field, and it’s very empowering to see the depth of knowledge and capability other women in a utility have. You learn about yourself and your strengths, and have so many opportunities to improve yourself.”
Cheryl Passee, CMS Sr. Supervisor

“The program gives you the confidence to be able to – and to want to – speak up and share your knowledge. It gets us all out of our ‘silos.’”
Deb Tamborski, Records Management Sr. Analyst, former WE participant, co-lead of the 2015 downstate program and ‘behind the scenes’ program administrator

“It was a really inspirational experience. We heard candidly from leaders across the company, and were able to get to know wonderful women from across the business. We also received excellent books to start our own business library that have taught me to think and work differently.”
Wendy Ladd, LI Strategic Communications Lead Representative

“I enjoyed learning about how the company operates, makes money, generates power, grows. The business piece of the program.”
Sue Bertrand, Service Delivery Process Improvement Manager

“The relationships you build with people last. I’m still in contact with people I met through WE years ago and have brought people in my department into the program.”
Lauren Benetos, Sr. IT Analyst, WE facilitator and past participant

“I was looking to learn more about the business, meet people and gain more exposure … and I accomplished all three and more.”
Connie Kong, US Income Tax analyst

“I love seeing all the other women who work for the company. It really lets you see how what you do affects other departments.”
Risikat Adesina, Gas Transmission Engineer

“Balancing work and life*, and conflict management sessions were particularly helpful sessions for me.”
Ruth Sanderson, IS Senior Analyst

“It’s a great way to develop yourself while you learn things about the company you may have never heard of. Plus it’s a good way to develop networks and friendships.”
Annette Dennis, Energy Efficiency Reporting Lead Analyst

“I’m really passionate about growing our women, and this program helps them grow in so many ways – from learning about yourself and developing your personal skills, to learning all about the business we’re in.”
Pat Michels, Vice President, Transition Services, past WE graduate (Pat runs/hosts the final, ‘Knowledge of the Business’/WE graduation session)

“WE is truly best in class … the ‘gold standard’ of a training and development program created and delivered by, and for, employees. Participants bring their energy and passion to all they do. And they reflect, and reinforce the Company’s commitment to making National Grid a great place to work and our communities a great place to live.”
Ken Daly, NY President, former WE Executive Sponsor 

Many WE participants cited the work/life balance session as especially meaningful, where WiN Chair and Senior Counsel Michele Paoli spoke about her past battle with breast cancer, how it showed her what was important in life, and why she volunteers and is thankful for ‘getting back to life and work.’

And special thanks to volunteers who coordinated the Downstate NY program to make it the success it was. In addition to Deb Tamborski and Virna D’Agostino (highlighted above), that includes Renee Abruzzi, Priya Dasani, Kathleen Murray and Sue Pelkey. In addition, facilitators, mentors and panelists, who volunteer and without whom the program would not continue to be a success.

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