WE graduation part 1 (Why they care about WE)

By Ellen Cooke

Meet the WE DNY Class of 2015!

Meet the WE DNY Class of 2015!

Beata Kopec from FBP Operations loved the experience: “I have a broader understanding of our company, women in the utility business, and how what I do plays a part in the bigger picture. It put all the bits and pieces together.”

Beata’s talking about the Women Empowered (WE) program she participated in this past year on Long Island.

At 11 years old, the professional development arm of Women in Networks (WiN) is continuing to turn out more enlightened, engaged and empowered employees. The six-session program (one full-day class a month) features guest speakers from across the company; leadership books; networking opportunities; and workshops on everything from conflict management, to personality strengths and weakness, to knowledge of the business.

Just last month, WE graduated its largest class ever – 76 participants, representing Downstate New York. The program evolved from an external professional development opportunity to one that’s run by and for employees at National Grid, and continues to grow and evolve over time. Beata’s ‘class of 2015’ fellow graduates agree it’s been an incredible experience (see ‘What they’re saying about WE’, below).

And that’s the idea …
Records Management Director Cherie Goldsmith is one of the founding members of WE – a ‘phenomenal’ program she says gets “better and better all the time, with new expertise, talent and energy flowing in and out as past participants facilitate sessions and bring on new employees.”

“It’s an opportunity to hone your skills in a comfortable environment, where you can safely raise questions and concerns, knowing that fellow women may feel the same way as you do,” adds DNY co-lead Virna D’Agostino, Finance Sr. Analyst.

With hundreds of graduates already under its belt, WE’s success is no surprise to WiN Executive Sponsor and MA President Marcy Reed: “Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a program that offers so many fabulous opportunities to develop yourself inside and outside of work, gain leadership training and build a community of business contacts?” Marcy says she “couldn’t be prouder” of all the people involved in the ‘in-demand’ program and is proud to play a role.

BOX: WE rotates each year among Downstate New York (Melville/MetroTech), Massachusetts (Res Woods – where it heads next), and Syracuse (Erie Blvd Office Building). Keep an eye out for our next session coming this spring or summer. And click here to learn more about, or join, WiN.

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