Volunteer Superstars!

By Benjamin Campbell

A group of National Grid volunteers came together early this March to help out at the Merrimack Valley Food Bank, where they spent the day working with the Operation Nourish program. Through Operation Nourish, the Merrimack Valley Food Bank provides supplementary food bags to eight elementary schools in Lowell twice a month (Morey, Moody, Greenhalge, Bartlett, McAuligge, Rogers, Washington, and Lincoln), and food boxes once a month to seven other schools.

The volunteers—about a dozen employees from various National Grid offices—were responsible for getting the food bags ready for distribution, and it seems their help was appreciated!

“Team National Grid were superstars! They managed to fill over 550 bags in two hours, which I think is a record. We loved having them and they were a tremendous help!” –Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

More volunteer opportunities are in the works, so stay tuned!

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