Using our business power in the global community

Using our business power in the global community to advocate on behalf of our customers and communities

Last week National Grid joined many global companies in both a letter to the White House and a full-page ad in key print outlets strongly urging the Trump Administration to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Paris Agreement establishes a framework for progressively strengthening efforts globally to address the causes and consequences of climate change, including but not limited to greenhouse gas emissions.

“By committing all countries to action, the agreement expands markets for innovative clean technologies, generating jobs and economic growth,” the letter says. “U.S. companies are well positioned to lead, and lack of U.S. participation could put their access to these growing markets at risk.’’

National Grid US President Dean Seavers sent his own letter to President Trump, restating National Grid’s support for the global agreement.

“We continue to believe that the agreement adds value to our customers and our business, and looking forward can see how it is good for U.S. jobs, growth, and competitiveness,” he emphasized.

According to the independent, nonpartisan Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) which is coordinating the business support effort, voices advocating for the US to stay in the agreement are being heard. President Trump last week postponed his decision on withdrawing from the landmark accord.

In advance of the G7 Summit in Italy later this month where The Paris Agreement, the role of green finance, energy security, gas markets, and renewables will be on the agenda, the persuasion efforts are stepping-up.

For the last couple of months, National Grid’s Washington DC office and other stakeholders have been meeting regularly with the White House and U.S. Department of State to advocate for continued participation in the agreement as well.

The full page “Letter to the President” ad will run again this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) in the DC editions of The New York Times and in Thursday’s The Wall Street Journal.

You can also show your support for National Grid’s point of view on the Paris Agreement on social media. Here are some suggested tweets:

  • #ParisAgreement helps business manage #climate risks & compete globally. Let’s stay in.
  • We join companies urging @Potus to stay in #ParisAgreement to help US economy. Full-page @nytimes ad:
  • #ParisAgreement is good for US business & US economy. Companies urge @Potus to stay. See @nytimes ad:
  • Companies across the economy call for US to stay in @C2ES_org w/@ceresnews
  • #ParisAgreement “expands markets for innovative clean technologies, generating jobs.”


Danielle Morrissey

So Proud that National Grid is an active Leader in the clean energy space!

Lauren B.

I am a HUGE advocate for clean energy, and this is great to know National Grid is at the forefront of the renewable energy field, and hopefully we can appeal to the President to ensure that continues in the future.


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