Upstate NY Energy Efficiency Earns Cover of Annual Report

By Patrick Stella

Khaled Halabi
Photo: Khaled Halabi, Upstate NY Energy Efficiency

Since 2009 National Grid in upstate New York has been helping business customers become more energy efficient while growing their business and Energy Efficiency Senior Sales Representative Khaled Halabi has been on the front line developing plans for efficient HVAC systems, lighting and more.

His project with Quad/Graphics printing in Saratoga Springs, NY was one of the largest upstate New York projects to date and the success earned him the cover of this year’s National Grid Annual Report.

Although energy efficiency measures are often thought of as a way for residential customers to save, the same principles apply to larger, commercial customers.

Khaled helped Quad/Graphics take advantage of National Grid’s Energy Efficiency Incentive program and installed equipment that will not only boost production at the facility but also save more than 4.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity. That’s about the equivalent savings of taking about 380 homes off the electric grid for an entire year. In dollars and cents this upgrade will save Quad/Graphics more than $380,000 a year in energy costs while helping it increase production to stay competitive. National Grid provided $1.1 million to Quad/Graphics to install a more efficient printing press that replaced two older presses and has increased production by more than 60 percent. The project also earned local media coverage from the Albany Times Union.

Khaled, not typically in the spotlight, was honored to be featured in the Annual Report.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Halabi. “I am really pleased that Quad/Graphics was chosen for the site of the photo. The collaboration with Quad is a perfect example of how our programs make projects happen to make businesses more efficient, productive, and saves on costs.”

Dan Frankowski, Plant Director for Quad/Graphics’ Saratoga Springs facility said,  “Quad/Graphics has been a proud member of the Saratoga Springs business community for more than 30 years, and this incentive helps support ongoing, strategic investments in our people and operations here. With recent and anticipated growth, we look to bring aboard an additional 50 employees immediately, bringing total employment in the plant to more than 850 individuals.”

This National Grid program is part of the company’s significant portfolio of programs designed to help businesses manage their energy costs and take advantage of new technologies in energy efficiency.

Businesses in upstate New York interested in more information about National Grid’s energy efficiency programs can call 800-767-1706 or visit:


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Renee Devine

Congratulations to the UNY EE team. What a wonderful recognition for such a successful year for our customers and our program.


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