Upstate New York successfully transitions to New Energy Management System

Transmission towerWhile evolutions by definition usually take time, on Feb. 10, National Grid undertook a complete evolution of a legacy upstate New York Energy Management System. The newly implemented Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) monitors, operates and controls the electricity transmission and distribution system as well as securely exchanges data and information with the New York Independent System Operator and regional transmission owners.

Years in the planning, the transition from a 1980s-era system to a state-of-the-art one involved a staggered series of “cutovers” phased across the upstate New York division. Under continuous monitoring by teams representing Regional Control, Information Services, Operations, Critical National Infrastructure, Protection & Telecom, Digital Security, Stations and the New York Jurisdiction, the cutovers successfully concluded late afternoon on Feb. 11.

The team conducted extensive testing to ensure success during each phase of the migration before moving on to the next. While the probability was low, potential outcomes including open breakers, system failure, data loss and load loss were addressed in the intricately coordinated and pre-tested plan, which coordinated with the New York ISO and other utilities.

“We went into this project confident in our planning and testing. We were ready, and our preparation paid off,” said Joe Farella, EMS Development Manager, who managed the project. “If one phase failed, we would not have proceeded to the next.” He noted that the migration strategy included lessons learned from previous system transitions, including SAP and customer system conversions.

“This project is part of National Grid’s continuing investment in enhancing service and reliability for our electricity grid,” said John Spink, Vice President of Control Center Operations. He noted that a similar conversion will take place in New England in the coming months and subsequently, the upstate New York and New England Outage Management Systems will be converted to the latest technology.

“This is a great accomplishment and another important step as we transform our infrastructure to ensure we meet the demands of the 21st century,” said New York President Ken Daly.

“The project team applied a detailed, measured, and well-tested strategy to ensure success. I thank the team and offer congratulations on the successful cutover of this multi-year project. I look forward to similar outstanding outcomes when we finish the conversion of our New England Energy Management System this spring,” added John Donleavy, EVP and Chief Operating Officer.

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Virginia Limmiatis

Congratulations Joe Farella and team!!! Your years of prep, hard work, and dedication ensured the success of the migration of the system!!


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