United Way kicks off in Mardi Gras style

By Karen Young

MetroTech kicked off its United Way Town Hall Mardi Gras style with traditional beads, masks and delicious treats along with personal and heartfelt testimonies from employees about how the United Way impacted their lives.

Keith Rooney, Gas Control Manager and United Way Loaned Executive, shared his experience with the United Way from 20 years ago when his newborn daughter needed heart surgery.  Rooney was grateful for the concern and support he and his family received from his colleagues.  In addition the United Way provided his family with a home-away-from home after long days at the hospital. 

“Heartfelt thanks to my colleagues and the United Way for their generosity and support which made a difference in my life and my family’s life,” Rooney said.  “Every year I look forward to paying it back and doing what I can and I’m thankful for the MetroTech team for their support in engaging our coworkers to participate in the United Way campaign and supporting our Neighbor Helping Neighbor initiative.”

The MetroTech United Way Team is headed up by Monique Brown, NYC Customer Offices Senior Supervisor; and MetroTech Contact Center representatives Dana Angelone, Customer Service Representative; Jamal Black, Special Services Representative and Kimberly Catalano, Customer Service Representative.  Ken Daly, NYJdx President; Peggy Smyth, CFO and Rudy Wynter, FERC Jdx President and United Way of NYC Board Member; were joined by Sheena Wright, United Way President & CEO and her staff to kick off this year’s campaign.   

To contribute to the United Way simply click on this link: http://www.cybergrants.com/ngrid/UnitedWay2016 or go to our Power To Serve United Way site on Infonet (you can get there right from the Infonet US homepage).

Keith Rooney shares his experience with United Way.

MetroTech United Way Team – Monique Brown, Kimberly Catalano and Jamal Black chose a colorful, fun and eye catching Mardi Gras theme.


Ken Daly, Peggy Smyth, Sheena Wright and Rudy Wynter.

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