United Way campaign begins. Help us help our neighbors!

By Ellen Cooke

unitedwaylogoAs of today, you can make your pledge by clicking this link: http://www.cybergrants.com/ngrid/UnitedWay2016

This year, we’re once again asking our caring employees to help us help our neighbors by supporting this campaign. After all, we all live and work in the communities we serve. And we all need help sometimes. So please give what you can … even a small pledge can change someone’s life!

Working together, we can once again help those in our communities who really need it. Last year, we raised $3 million in employee donations and company contributions. And we’re looking to continue to support this important cause this year, with the help of our generous employees. 

To contribute, simply use the link above or go to our Power To Serve United Way site on Infonet (you can get there right from the Infonet US homepage) or ournationalgrid.com, which you can access from any mobile device. If you haven’t given before or you’re new to the company, why not consider becoming a donor to support your local community?

Your pledge will remain the same as it was last year if you do not actively pledge – if you take no action! This is a “rollover.” But we hope you’ll please take a minute to review your pledge from last year and consider increasing it, even a small amount.

Some guidelines for the e-pledge

  • When you connect with the e-pledge link you will log in with your employee ID and a password. (If this is your first time logging onto the Power to Service/Cybergrants site, you will create a password that can be used immediately. Click the “create password” link on the right hand side of the login page.)
  • You will select the United Way or other nonprofit agency where you want your funds directed and you will then make your pledge. We are requesting that you pledge to just one organization.
  • Remember, your pledge will remain the same as it was last year if you take no action. This is a “rollover.” Your pledge dollars will continue to be directed to the UW agency or designated organization you identified in the past.
  • [Legacy KeySpan employees who pledge at the Pacesetter level and choose to let rollover happen will see their pledge amount change to maintain Pacesetter status.]
  • Check in your local area for meeting schedules. These may help you decide that this is the year you consider helping neighbors in your community … and how best to do that.

Regional Volunteer Councils in different locations have been coordinating volunteer activities and/or ‘Days of Caring,’ as part of our Power to Serve effort. Check the Volunteer Events Calendar on the Power to Serve site or talk with your local Regional Council for community outreach opportunities.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Linda Clark at Linda.Clark@nationalgrid.com.

Remember … You can help us help our neighbors in need. And anything you give can change a person’s life

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