Transmission Line Services Salutes Vets and New Recruits

By Connie Clouston

When they join Transmission Line Services (TLS), military veterans bring with them the training and discipline that make them successful team members and safety-conscious employees.  They have been conditioned to respond to changing conditions and be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Currently 12 veterans work in TLS.

“It is an honor to have these guys work for me every day. I hold the greatest respect for these veterans for what they have done in the military and what they do for me, the company, and our customers every day. It’s a true pleasure to have them on my team,” says Bruce Berard, senior supervisor, TLS, himself an Army veteran.


Pictured left to right

  • Paul Liberty, lineman, Air National Guard
  • Nate Ure, lineman, Army
  • Matt Soares, lineman, Marines
  • Seth Waters, operator, Air Force
  • Geremy Shannon, lineman, Army
  • Jesse Correia, lineman, Air Force
  • Bruce Berard, senior supervisor, Army


Not pictured:

  • Leon Wetherell, lead supervisor, Air Force
  • Joe Hak, lineman, Army
  • Wayne Cote, welder, Marines
  • Russ Norton, Lineman, Marines
  • Jim Newell, operator, Navy


“Working for TLS in many ways is a lot like the military. You always have a bag packed and are ready to go wherever the department and company need you,” Bruce said. “Each and every day you are working in the middle of the woods in and around tough terrain.” He added, “Working long hours and away from home is the norm around here when it comes to emergency response and storms. Having to just get up and go and respond under pressure and in a timely fashion to restore power is where we really shine.”

The TLS vets will soon be joined by several “new recruits.” A dozen employees recently completed National Grid’s Transmission Line Apprenticeship program, which included eight weeks of training under the guidance of Ken Apple L&D Trainer, several TLS linemen and Supervisors.  Nine of the graduates will become TLS line workers in New England; two others will join the New York business to work on that transmission system.  They follow in the footsteps of all of their transmission line colleagues who have established a tradition of responsibility, responsiveness and teamwork.


The graduates:

  • Joshua Nason  
  • Keith Cummings
  • Gregory Angelo
  • Sean Doherty
  • Ryan Selman
  • Nicholas Koprusak
  • Richard Litchfield
  • Kyle Jack
  • Joshua Nicholson
  • Kraig Keegan
  • Connor Dykeman
  • Roger Cecconi


I’m extremely proud of the work that all of the TLS employees do, said TLS Manager John McNamara. “They literally power our communities and meet the energy needs of hundreds of thousands of customers by keeping the regional electric grid running safely and reliably on blue sky days and during emergencies.”


Patricia Wooden

Thank you all of you for all you do,and for your service in the the Military. Your continued acts of selfishness and hard work are greatly appreciated . Congratulations to all of you,and as always STAY SAFE .


Great article and thanks for shedding light on our proud but humble veterans. I know there must be a lot more veterans employed with NGrid that were not reached out to so let’s seek these Veterans out and give them our proper respect. I will be personally headed to Puerto Rico this Sunday to help restore power back to the island with the Army core of EN BN 249th powerline company. Stay tuned for more pictures to come when boots are on the ground.

Linda M Cole

We all learn from each other.
This is a terrific photo. I love how your veterans are acknowledged and recognized.


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