Transmission Line Services Celebrates Major Safety Milestone

By Jeff Norwood

Transmission Line Services (TLS) celebrated a major safety achievement recently, going one full year without a lost time incident (LTI).

“This is a great milestone, given the type of work we do and the amount of hours our employees work,” said Glenn Harper, a lead supervisor in TLS.

On an annual basis, the team of 80 TLS employees work in a variety of dynamic environments to keep National Grid’s transmission system operating reliably.  Collectively in fiscal year 2017, they completed 13 projects and worked four additional jobs that totaled over 213,000 hours.  This includes the field employees, as well as any support roles.  The one-year milestone passed in January, and the team is continuing their achievement as of June2, when the milestone was celebrated during a special team breakfast held in Attleboro, MA.

“Our employees want their colleagues to go home the way they start each day.  They care about each other’s well-being, not just their own,” said Kevin Souza, a lead supervisor in TLS.

Souza included Weekly Safety brief review, Daily Job brief discussions, and looking out for one another as a few examples of ways their employees make safety a priority day by day, job by job.

Brian Gemmell, vice president, FERC Jurisdiction Strategy and Performance said, “This achievement is truly remarkable, and I am very proud of the team for working safely on each and every job.”

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