Transforming New England’s Energy Landscape

wind powerNational Grid and Anbaric Transmission recently announced a partnership to create the Green Line Infrastructure Alliance, whose aim is to bring a greater supply of wind energy and hydropower to New England.  The goal is to help increase the diversity of the region’s fuel supply and enable states to meet their clean energy goals. The alliance is aligned with our Connect21 vision to build a resilient backbone for our energy system, driving economic growth through new technology and cleaner sources of energy.

  • The alliance will initially develop the Maine Greenline project, which will bring energy to the region via an underwater cable off the Maine coast.
  • The Maine Green Line will transmit 1,000 MW of electricity to southern New England from wind energy generated in Maine and hydroenergy generated in Eastern Canada.
  • Going forward, the alliance will continue to develop transmission projects that address regional energy issues.

Anbaric, headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts, has a track record of leadership in high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission projects in New York. They are also involved in developing distributed energy systems. To learn more about Anbaric, visit their corporate website.

Learn more about the partnership by reading the National Grid press release or visit www.greenlineinfrastructure

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