Transforming customer delivery through social media innovation

As we move closer to this year’s Chairman’s Awards in June, we continue our interviews with the finalists to hear about their projects and find out what it means to them to reach the final.

Customer Delivery social media innovationThe ‘Customer Delivery’ category recognizes employees for positive or proactive approaches that lead to making sure that the customer is delighted by the service provided or enhances National Grid’s reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Our first customer delivery finalist is from the US for ‘transforming customer delivery through social media innovation’.

Rafael Sulit, Director of US Brand Strategy & Implementation, Marketing and Customer Experience

What can you tell us about your project?

As the utility industry continues to change, so has customers’ preference towards more immediate channels of communications. ‘Transforming customer delivery through social media innovation’ tells the story of our forward-thinking strategy and execution, which is game-changing for National Grid and the category overall.

What does it mean to you to reach the final of the Chairman’s Awards?

It still hasn’t sunk in. It’s a pleasant surprise to be recognized
for the positive change made so far in a short amount of time. There’s still a lot of runway for growth and engagement with customers and stakeholders.

What are you most looking forward to about the ceremony?

We’re excited about learning more from the other entries. There’s so much great knowledge and content within National Grid. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn or, as business leaders say, ‘steal shamelessly’ from each other in order to elevate our brand and reputation. Also, we’re looking forward to being inspired and celebrating with our peers and leaders.

Would you like to add anything else?

We would like to thank our leaders in Customer and Marketing and all the cross-functional partners who have supported the social media transformation. We’re just scratching the surface on what’s possible – the journey continues.


Patrick Stella

Congrats to Raf & Emily and the team! I am proud to be a part of the social media transformation taking place at National Grid and to have been part of many training sessions with both of you and some of the other folks who were part of the Strategic Social Media Action Council (SSMAC) a year or so ago. Good luck in the finals!

Heather Romero

Bravo Raf. Brava Emily. So excited to see this fledgling bird called “social media at National Grid” take flight. Enjoy the buzz and good luck in London!

Steven Abatiello

Congratulations to Rafael and Emily for all their accomplishments and hard work. This is proof that a positive attitude and focus will provide a better outcome. I wish you both all the best!


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