Town hall meetings results – 2016

By Maura Mone

National Grid held 20 Town Hall Meetings in May and June—more than twice as many as in previous years. The company’s success over the past financial year was reflected in the positive energy that filled the meeting halls and by the high number of attendees. Employees who attended had positive things to say about the organization and leadership involvement in the meetings:

  • “I thought it was one of the best town halls I’ve attended. Not just because of the good financial results, but because of the informal style and the community-related items covered.”
  • “It’s always nice when leadership takes time out of their schedule to personally share updates with us. I really appreciate that.”

Over 2500 employees attended at least one Town Hall, and 96% of attendees reported that they gained a better understanding of the 2015-16 year-end results after attending a meeting. Twenty-six company leaders participated in leading the presentations. Thanks everyone for another great year!

Beverly Tim Roger Neil

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