Today is Arbor Day

arbor day graphicToday is Arbor Day, and National Grid is proud to be designated as a Tree Line USA Utility by the Arbor Day Foundation.

What does that mean?

It means the Arbor Day Foundation certifies that we adhere to certain principles that protect trees and promote their growth. This includes:

  • Quality Tree Care — consistently following industry standards for pruning, planting, removals, trenching, and tunneling near trees.
  • Annual Worker Training — Our employees and contract workers are trained at least annually in best practices.
  • Tree Planting and Public Education — Tree planting and public education programs are available to the public, demonstrating proper tree planting, placement, and pruning while expanding the tree canopy in the community.
  • Tree-Based Energy Conservation Program — A formal tree-based energy conservation program is in place, putting special consideration on the value of trees in conserving energy.
  • Arbor Day Celebration — Participation in annual Arbor Day events at the community level are documented, including collaboration with community groups.

National Grid’s Vegetation Management Group will participate in a number of tree planting and educational events this week in honor of Arbor Day. The group will also actively promote the “Right tree, right place,” planting model, which provides guidelines for proper distancing of tree planting from utility lines. To learn more about how you can celebrate Arbor Day, visit the Arbor Day Foundation website.


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Heather Romero

Love this article and especially the infographic of the house, trees and pole. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and we should use more to reinforce our safety messages. Thanks Maura!


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