To the Rescue, It’s Who We Are

By Virginia Limmiatis

Two National Grid linemen came to the rescue of a customer in need on a day that seemed like any other day.

It was a Thursday, an ordinary day for Chief Line Mechanic Bernie Harvey and Hot Stick Line Mechanic Scott Hunt.

Bernie and Scott were on a job on County Rt. 189 in the Village of Lorraine, NY. They were there to hook up a new service.  Scott was in the air in a bucket truck, across the street from a customer’s home, when something caught his attention.

“I saw a man fall in the garage of the home,” said Scott.

What happened next seemed surreal to him.

According to several accounts, William G. Johnson (Bill) walked into the garage of his home and lost his balance. Bill is 84-years-old and requires the assistance of a cane to walk. Bill caught his arm on the metal overhead of a door track and cut his arm as he was falling.

Bernie saw the scene unfold and acted quickly. He darted across the street to offer the man assistance.

Bernie helped him stand up and lead him into the house where he performed first aid and bandaged his arm.

“I helped the man up and escorted him inside,” said Bernie.  “I applied direct pressure on his arm for about 20 minutes to stop the bleeding. The laceration was deep.”

Later, Bill’s companion brought him to the hospital for treatment where Bill received several stitches in his arm, according to the family.

“Things could have been worse,” affirmed the Johnson family in a Thank You letter to National Grid.

“Thank you National Grid for having such a well-trained line crew,” noted the family.  “We can’t say enough good things about these two gentlemen and the professional way they acted. Thank you for coming to dad’s rescue.”

William G. Johnson is a proud father of four children. He has also 10 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. His son William W. Johnson (Bill) is a former National Grid employee who retired after 40 years of service with the company. Bill is sure Bernie and Scott, and their quick response, may have very well saved his father’s life.

Shout Out

Keith McAfee, vice president of New York Electric Operations:

“I commend Bernie and Scott for their prompt attention to Mr. Johnson’s medical situation. As a company, we strive to create an environment where safety is our number one priority and it’s times like this that make me very proud of the employees that represent us.  Great job!”























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