They mean business!

By Benjamin Campbell

Hiring veterans is good business for us … and them! Meet four hires:

veteran-melville-articleOn Veterans Day and every day of the year, National Grid has a proud tradition of supporting military veterans, inside our company and out. Our Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG)* is active throughout our US service area providing professional development opportunities and support to our veterans, as well as offering benefits to veterans in need in the communities we serve. We are proud to sponsor and support a Veteran to Veteran ‘buddy’ program for new veterans coming to our company, the Troops to Energy Jobs Initiative and the Thank a Service Member Program. We also have a SoldierCare volunteer effort where employees can send letters and care packages to service people overseas and/or volunteer at the ‘Military Comfort Room’ at JFK Airport (contact Allen Hecht at 516-545-3769).

Over the past five years, we’ve welcomed a handful of veterans as new employees to our Gas Control Center in Melville, LI – qualified individuals who are now turning their skills and service to our country into benefits for our company and our customers.

Meet four of them: Gas System Operator Keith Adam (KA); Gas Control Operator Kurt Walz (KW), pictured above; Senior Gas system Operator Tom Loreto, Jr. (TL); and Gas System Operator Bryan Gray (BG). Timothy Carroll is also a veteran on the team.

What drew you to work at National Grid? What did you do before joining the company?             

B.G: The opportunity to work at National Grid was presented through a connection of mine. I was excited to work at an organization whose main mission is to provide a valuable service to the community. Prior to coming here, I was a supervisor at an elevator company in Manhattan.

T.L: I like the fact that National Grid is a stable company with many different career paths. Before I started here, I was a second and third mate on ocean-going ships and coastal tugs transporting hazardous liquids or military cargo. I was also a Lieutenant in the Navy Reserve, Merchant Marine Reserve for eight years.

What do you enjoy about working on the team in Melville

K.A: It’s a good transition from the Power Plants. I get an opportunity to challenge myself in a different field.

B.G: The people. There is a tremendous team in Gas Control and it is a pleasure to be able to come to work with such dedicated individuals.

T.L: It’s nice to work at Hub Drive where most of the downstate gas team in centrally located – all in one building and around the Gas Control Room. We get to meet and see faces of the partners we work with daily.

K.W: I work with a great group of employees.

Is there anything you would like to share about yourself, your team or your position?

 T.L: The Gas Control team in Melville is the eyes and ears of the natural gas system in New York State. Whether it’s monitoring pressures in Watertown, Williamsburg or Riverhead, our team is here around the clock making sure our system is running smoothly day in and day out.

What are the skills you learned or experiences you had in the military that prepared you for working at National Grid?

K.A: Working on a submarine and in the engine room of a Destroyer gave me the skills necessary to get hired when National Grid realized they needed someone to get Far Rockaway Power Station back in service after five years of cold standby.

B.G: In truth, I became an adult in the Army. That environment is perfect for teaching leadership skills that are continually tested in stressful situations. I have used countless strategies and techniques in my professional life that were fostered during my military career.

T.L: How to respond to situations that require immediate attention. When it comes to safety concerns or the reliability of the gas system, we need to be able to respond quickly so that our mission to deliver a super quality of service to our customers is not compromised.

K.W: Working as a team, multi-tasking, time management, leadership and attention to detail.

What would you say to other Veterans looking to apply to a job at National Grid?

K.A: Be patient, be confident and be humble. Dress sharp at the interview.

B.G: I would advise them to take the time to learn the technical applications of the Gas industry while applying their inherent leadership abilities. Employment at National Grid is a great fit for any military professional.

T.L: National Grid is in many ways structured like the military. We have different levels of management that span across many regions, much like ranks within the military, and we have different units spread out across different bases. The mission readiness and discipline you acquire to bring the fight when called upon is much like the understanding we have as a utility to consistently deliver uninterrupted service to our customers no matter the situation.


If you’re a veteran, please let us know who you are so we can recognize and best support you.

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For consideration under the affirmative action program, please fill out and mail in this form.

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Deborah Tamborski

Congratulations on your new job. Thanks for your dedicated service in the military. Cant wait to meet you all.


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