There’s a video for that …

By Ellen Cooke

Our Masterclass Leadership Video Series provides bite-size learning opportunities to help drive performance across our business

 People are always looking to develop their skills. And some of our best lessons come from each other – our teammates and colleagues, for example.

At National Grid, we’ve created an ongoing series of Masterclass videos featuring leaders at all levels, from all across the business, sharing their tips, experiences and insights to help others handle challenges and seize growth and leadership opportunities.

“The videos are designed to be bite-size learning opportunities for employees looking for ways to develop their own leadership skills. They can help people manage their own and their team’s performance to meet longer term goals,” explains Leadership & Capability Manager Kathleen Simpson.

Click on the video below to see a compilation from some of our most recent interviews … highlighting everything from emotional intelligence, to coaching, to safety leadership and the importance of employee resource groups. There’s even advice on how to handle difficult conversations.

And please watch for new videos to come, from exciting new sources, as we continue to share best practices, lessons learned and everything in between to help us all thrive and grow.

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