The sun doesn’t discriminate … do you?

When World Unity, Inc.* held its gala this year in Boston – promoting its vision of eliminating all forms of prejudice, discrimination and bias for all people in the world – eight of our Employee Resource Group (ERG) members and leads were there to learn more and support the mission. The group appreciated the opportunity to have open, enlightening discussions on the importance of Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) in the workplace, in the boardroom, in politics, at home, everywhere.

World Unity Gala event

Shown (l-r) are: Binoy Koodhathinkal, Laila Beavogui-Koma, Misha Chakrabarti, Elaine Lin, Chanthyna Chhay, John Rondeau, Cynthia Angulo and Martin Sobers.

Here’s what some of them had to say …

Binoy Koodhathinkal (Substation Project Management Lead Project Manager / ALA Co-chair) – “The World Unity event allowed me to interact and experience a diverse group of people who were all so passionate about diversity and inclusion. Their energy and enthusiasm reminded me of what we aspire to achieve not only with our ERGs, but as a company, here at National Grid.”

John Rondeau (Principal Program Manager, Contract Administration / PRIDE Co-Chair) – “The speakers (including Boston’s first appointed Chief Diversity Officer) were entertaining and engaging. Also, getting to know the mission of World Unity and their intentions on helping Boston embrace its cultural diversity was enlightening.”

Martin Sobers (Senior Operations Supervisor / Work and Life Matters Co-chair) – “To be in an arena with so many like-minded people was really great food for the soul. The keynote speaker commented on how Inclusion & Diversity is being discussed beyond the boardrooms, as a natural conversation in politics as well. The value of having a diverse and inclusive staff in the workplace is also being recognized more and more. And this gala helped cement that in the hearts of all present.”

Cynthia Angulo (Lead Program Coordinator, Pipeline Programs and Employee Resource Groups) – “This event gave me the opportunity to further get to know other I&D ambassadors in the Massachusetts region, including passionate National Grid ERG members. What an honor it is to know I work for a company that truly values diversity in thought and action, and encourages employees to do the same.”

Laila Beavogui-Koma (Senior Engineer, Asset Management Distribution and SubTransmission NY / ERG member) – “With so many ongoing efforts to bridge inequality gaps, the event helped showcase progress we’re all making, while reminding us that more needs to be done. The highlight for me was the opportunity to meet diverse National Grid employees from different parts of the business. The National Grid-sponsored table truly illustrated to our communities how well the company converts ‘disparities into commonalities’ to unite us. It’s one of our strengths!”

*World Unity, Inc. seeks to make a continuing and lasting contribution toward the elimination of all forms of racial, ethnic, gender, religious and cultural bigotry, prejudices, discrimination and biases. Its goal is to construct a permanent landmark with an inscription of this ‘Sun Poem’: Are you greater than the sun that shines on everyone; Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White; The sun does not discriminate…     Sara Ting © 1985

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anika felder

what a glorious thing to be in a room of like minds. continue evolving one mind at a time.


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