The only woman at the table

By Wendy Ladd

National Grid took center stage at the Women’s Collaborative Leadership Conference. A panel of female employees discussing what it is like to be the only woman at the table in a meeting and/or board room received the most attendees.

Wendy Ladd, Clara Guistino, Kamona Ayres, Cindy Rom, and Michele Paoli

Michele Paiole, Kamona Ayers, Cindy Rom and Clara Guistino were on the panel moderated by Wendy Ladd, who is on the steering committee of the Women’s Collaborative. Alanna Russo is on the planning committee of the conference and came up with the idea for the discussion.

The panel discussed being the only woman in the room, how to be heard with some tips and advice and the importance of having a mentor and being a mentor for others. One of the panelists told the story of how her first meeting ever took place in the men’s room to intimidate her. And other stories that there were no women’s bathroom because there weren’t any women working in that building before.

Keith Rooney was a speaker on a panel discussion about Balance for Better. He discussed how to promote women to meet their potential. With his sense of humor he had the room in the palm of his hand.

With over 300 attendees at the conference it was a success.

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