The focus on safety runs deep in Batavia

By Terah Fox

It’s clear that the substation employees in Batavia, NY, go to great lengths to work safely. We’re back in Batavia to mark an impressive milestone: 10 years with no LTIs. Employees recently enjoyed a breakfast and received company-branded fire-resistant sweatshirts to mark the occasion.

How did they make it happen? Supervisor Eric Kopacz said that safety awareness in his group is quite comprehensive and apparent at every level.

“We have good support from leadership and our crew chiefs, Mike Lyons and Bill Lyons lead by example,” he said. “Jeff Dean, our union safety advocate, also does a great job of looking out for the guys. But we couldn’t have done it without everyone being on board. It’s a combined effort by all.”

The team holds weekly safety briefings, practice Stretch ‘N Flex moves and keep up on all the latest safety bulletins. They also use good judgment, Kopacz said.

“Our guys are knowledgeable and they’re good at what they do. They’re very conscientious about what’s going on around them at all times and it contributes to safety overall.

Batavia substation employees

Batavia substation employees, left to right: Dave Mondel (past supervisor), Mark Wanamaker, Jeff Green, Bill Lyons, Mike Lyons, Sr. supervisor Eric Kopacz, Jeff Dean, Henry Bernacki, Ken Schiske, Brian Gates, manager John Burke, Richard Tetrault (past supervisor) and director Leonard Fiume

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