Technology Day Electrifies Reservoir Woods

By Jackie Barry

If the attendance at National Grid’s first Technology day is any indication, there’s quite an appetite among employees to learn more about the emerging innovative technologies that will be part of our energy future.

There’s a revolution going on in the energy industry, with sweeping changes happening at lightning speed.  According to Rudy Wynter, president of the FERC Jurisdiction and New Energy Solutions, National Grid is leading the charge on this change. “We’re working hand-in-hand with many partners that are developing new, disruptive technologies and solutions to help transform our business to be  much more customer-driven and ready to enable the integration of new energy sources including renewables and distributed resources.”

Technology Day, which was held at Reservoir Woods, was co-hosted by Siemens, a leading developer of energy technologies.  National Grid is working with Siemens on several projects, including a first-in-the-nation effort to fully automate all of our bulk transmission substations in New England and New York.

A standing-room-only crowd listens to Dean Seavers and Siemens’ Dr. Michael Weinhold

National Grid US President Dean Seavers welcomed more than 200 employees to the event.  He also introduced the keynote speaker, Siemens’ Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold, whose passion and brilliance captivated the audience during his discussion of energy technology trends and the future of the industry.  The afternoon featured interactive presentations with Siemens experts on a variety of technical innovations and a session to help non-technical employees better understand the energy supply chain from generator to customer.

Siemens’ “Energy Management on the Road” Showcase Vehicle also was a big hit, with its augmented reality tours of a modernized substation and a connected home.

Inside the Siemens showcase vehicle

Terron Hill of Network Strategy, who organized the event, was delighted by the high attendance and positive feedback from the event.  “The building was buzzing after Dr. Weinhold’s talk and many employees told us that they learned a lot about innovation and industry trends and would like to see more events like this.”

Rudy commented, “I’m glad to see our people so eager to embrace new technologies, new ways of thinking and new solutions.” He concluded, “This mindset embodies two of our leadership qualities — start and finish with the customer in mind, and think and act commercially – which are critically important as we create the utility of the future for our customers and communities.”

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