Talking debt, savings and careers

By Maura Mone

By the time you left high school, did you know how to balance a check book, understand the basics of mortgage amortization or know how to invest in a 401K? Thanks to members of our US Finance team, students at the Brooklyn George Westinghouse High School will.

As part of our commitment to bettering our communities and advancing STEM careers, our US Finance team volunteered to teach a five week financial literacy seminar to high school seniors this spring. The 1.5 hour weekly sessions included topics like managing mortgages and student debt, investing in stocks, bonds and 401K programs, and learning about careers in Finance.

“The kids were really interested in learning more about investing,” said Steve Dutervil from our Accounting team, who led the seminars. “They were also really interested in hearing our own personal stories – like finance decisions we’ve made in our own lives, and why we chose to go into Finance.”

The seminar series included a visit to our MetroTech facilities to tour the office. It ended with a capstone panel presentation where members of the Finance team congratulated the students for completing the seminar and gave them final pieces of advice.

The volunteer opportunity was appreciated by both our employees and the school. “We hope to continue with the sessions next year,” said Steve. “The school administrators were happy with our participation and it’s a good way to stay connected to the community.”

Shout out to Laju Oliver, Matthew Elson, Nidina Canoville, Shaunte Weber, Anika Wright and the Revenue & FDM Teams for helping with this effort.

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