Take a NY Minute – Our KEDNY-KEDLI rate case agreements

Enhancing the customer experience

This article is one of a series that will help create awareness on the major components of our KEDNY/KEDLI rate case agreements.

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As part of our rate case agreements, we’re enhancing the customer experience through different initiatives and channels to improve our services and offer more options to our customers.

“Our Customer Service Quality Programs allow us to invest in improvements that will increase our level of performance and enhance the customer experience across all New York companies,” says Arlene Gans, Director of Customer Call Center, New York.

Here’s what we’ll be doing to enhance our customers’ experience:

  • Outreach centers – To ensure we meet our customer satisfaction targets, two new outreach centers will open downstate one in MetroTech, Brooklyn and the other in Brentwood, Long Island. The Brooklyn Center will be focused on sustainability, managing energy usage and gas safety. The Brentwood Center will include a new National Grid customer walk in office and facilities for community outreach events.
  • Improve customer call waiting times – Enhancements to our call center technologies and call routing strategies will result in reduced wait times for our customers. In New York City, the Service Level target will increase from 59% of customer calls answered in 30 seconds to 60.6% and Long Island will have a new target of 62.2%.
  • Reduce estimated bills through Automated Meter Reading (AMR) – AMR will give customers more privacy and convenience by having meter reads collected from the street. We will complete the roll-out of AMR devices in New York City, as 393k meter readers will be deployed by spring 2017. The Long Island AMR program is complete, as 575,000 AMR’s have been installed.

In addition, we’ve set targets to improve four Customer Satisfaction Metrics. Each metric has a target and carries a financial penalty if the target is not met. 

Here are the four performance areas:  

  • PSC complaint rate
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Adjusted customer bills
  • Telephone answer response within 30 seconds

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