Take a NY Minute – Our KEDNY-KEDLI rate case agreements

Leveraging gas operation technologies

This article is one of a series that will help create awareness on the major components of our KEDNY/KEDLI rate case agreements.

National Grid is the energy company of the future; we’re making investments in the future with tools and state-of-the-art technology to better serve our customers. As we invest, grow and modernize our gas system, we always focus on gas safety and reliability. The natural gas system on Long Island and New York City has approximately 8,000 miles of pipe in the ground. These networks continue to serve our customers well, but about half of the system will eventually need to be replaced in the not too distant future.  

When we can’t replace aging pipes, we can extend its life by using innovative technologies such as robotic joint sealing technology and pipe lining.  National Grid helped develop a new state-of-the-art technology, CISBOT (Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot), which can be inserted into a live gas main to repair and seal joints while the pipe remains in service, eliminating the need to interrupt service to customers. At one-third of the cost of traditional joint sealing, this process also minimizes excavation and traffic disruptions.


When mains can be taken out of service,we’re  using pipe lining technology that lines and seals large diameter pipe, extending the life of the main for a hundred years.  These two processes are cost-effective means to protecting the public and reduce our methane emissions.

“Both the CISBOT and pipe lining technologies are especially efficient for large diameter mains in congested areas,” says Dennis Ruppert, National Grid’s Director Advanced Operations. “These new technologies involve less excavation than traditional pipe replacement, reduce construction costs, avoid damage to roads and trees, minimize disruptions to the public and provide environmental benefits in the form of reduced gas emissions and construction debris.”  

KEDNY-KEDLI Rate Case series:

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Leveraging gas operation technologies
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