Take a NY Minute – Our KEDNY-KEDLI rate case agreements

Hitting the ground running – our implementation plan

This article is one of a series that will help create awareness on the major components of our KEDNY/KEDLI rate case agreements.

Brooklyn Greenway

Once the KEDNY and KEDLI rate case agreements go into effect, how are we going to successfully implement and deliver on the many customer benefits outlined in the agreements?   

“We’ve made great progress and have set up a very disciplined framework and process to implement our full range of commitments,” says Pam Viapiano, Vice President of Regulation and Pricing. “Once the new rates are in place, employees in the specific business areas will be responsible for owning and delivering the results.”

The regulatory and legal teams have been working directly with all parts of the business to review 200-plus obligations, assign them ownership and write implementation plans that will be tracked and measured in a very structured, timely way. The goal is for National Grid to deliver maximum benefits to customers, while keeping on target to earn incentives and avoid penalties.

“I want to thank all the business functions for this tremendous effort,” adds Pam.

In January, all the implementation plans will take effect and we will begin to deliver on our commitment to customers through the end of 2019 and beyond.

KEDNY-KEDLI Rate Case series:

Modernizing our gas system
Leveraging gas operation technologies
Gas safety performance metrics and compliance
Gas expansion and growth
Proposed REV Demonstration Projects in DNY
Enhancing the customer experience
Helping our most vulnerable customers
What’s happening with Economic Development?
Hitting the ground running – our implementation plan

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