Supporting the Community and Colleagues

By Emily Smaldino

Antonio Xu Liu spends most of his time helping others, at work and “off the clock”. Antonio’s blue-sky job at National Grid is supporting the Capital Delivery team, where he supports teams across all jurisdictions, by overseeing the 3-year Capital Delivery Strategic Roadmap. He also plays a critical role as a member of the PrideUS Employee Resource Group (ERG).

When COVD-19 struck, Antonio sprung into action to support his community by volunteering with “Nesterly Good Neighbors”. This organization provides free deliveries and friendly check-ins for those who are at-risk for COVID-19. “Nesterly Good Neighbors” was created by Nesterly, in partnership with the City of Boston, to bring people together for the well-being and safety of the community. Antonio has helped provide his neighbors with food and other essential supplies, plus, a friendly wave, comfort, and support.

Antonio has been utilizing his large network to link up with others who also need support. When asked about the most fulfilling part about volunteering with “Nesterly Good Neighbors,” Antonio’s response was deep and heartfelt, “the volunteering was really great! I received a notification of a nearby neighbor who tested positive for COVID-19 and is pregnant, and they needed food picked up from their local pantry. I was able to make a phone call to the pantry to schedule an appointment to pick up the groceries and drop it off during my lunch time. The overall process takes less than 30 minutes – and I was able to help an entire family secure the food that they needed, but also stay safe.”

Antonio also talked about another participant he helped through the program, “The recipient of the food order did not speak English, so I had to communicate with them using Spanish and it reminded me of all the people in my life who helped my family and I when we first moved to the United States! It felt really good to be able to give back to a community that I myself represent: immigrant and of Hispanic background.”

This is such a critical time and something this generation will never forget. Antonio is hoping others will give their time, even if it’s just to one person, to someone in need to make a difference.

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