Suits and sneakers back in style?

By Ellen Cooke

You bet! See how we teamed up with SNHU and the Boston Celtics to help veterans transition to the work force

Billy Joel may have started the fashion trend in the mid-70s, but suits and sneakers were clearly back in style recently at a ‘Suits and Sneakers Hiring Event & Career Combine.’ The event – also called Scoring in Transition – was cosponsored by Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) Military Programs and the Boston Celtics. It aimed to help qualified military veterans transition to the work force by matching them with local companies. And it took place at the Celtics’ Practice Facility in Waltham, MA, where key National Grid players took part and had this to say:

Tim Horan, RI Jurisdictional President: “It was really great to support this event with my counterparts from work, Cynthia, John, and Shaun, while we met many exciting individuals seeking careers at National Grid. This type of partnership with the Celtics and SNHU is an example of what organizations can do to support our military.”

Shaun Vacher, Lead Project Manager: “Navigating the job market is a beast these days. This was an excellent opportunity to provide constructive feedback to the veteran population. And, it was a great chance to make that transition a little bit easier. There was some excellent talent that might normally get overlooked if they didn’t get the opportunity for a face-to-face. You can learn more in an interview than you can on paper.”

John Burke, Senior Project Manager: “A great event overall. A unique opportunity for National Grid to tap into a hiring pool of candidates who know how to get the job done. The veterans we met demonstrated that they have the ability to be valued members of our team.”

Cynthia Angulo, Lead Program Coordinator: “It’s always great when National Grid employees are able to help veterans with their transition to the workplace and/or change in career path. Supporting these types of events truly shows our commitment to the communities we serve and, in this case, particularly our veterans. It truly makes me proud to work for National Grid.”

Claire Arnstein from the Celtics called this first annual event a huge success and shared some of these positive, and promising, statistics about the three-hour dinner program:

  • Employers interviewed more than 40 veteran ‘students’
  • One student was offered a job on the spot and a dozen had follow-up interviews scheduled
  • Employers found students well-prepared, with solid resumes, and excellent, professional and impressive conduct

Did you know? National Grid is the proud community sponsor of the Boston Celtics! Follow our partnership on social media at @nationalgridus and @celtics

(Sporting the attire of the day are National Grid’s (l-r) John Burke, Tim Horan, Cynthia Angulo and Shaun Vacher. GO TEAM!)

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