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This article is one of a series on the major components of our upstate NY rate case

Our new, comprehensive multi-year rate plan includes modifications to our outdoor lighting tariffs to transition existing high-intensity discharge street lights to energy efficient light-emitting diode, or LED, technology. The plan offers customers a more robust suite of alternatives that support growing interest in reducing street lighting costs and achieving clean energy goals.  Among the program’s highlights:

  • An energy efficiency incentive for LED conversions
  • An “opt-in” LED replacement program for inoperable National Grid-owned HID fixtures
  • Modifications to the street light asset sale guidelines
  • LED offerings for private area lighting
  • An Outdoor Lighting Portal
  • Adjustments to the depreciation rates for street lighting assets


LED Energy Efficiency Program

LED street lighting energy-efficiency incentives of between $50 and $100 per fixture, based on the fixture wattage installed, for both customer-owned and company-owned street light assets on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Opt-In” LED Replacement Program for Failed Company-owned HID Luminaires

“Opt-in” LED replacement program whereby National Grid and municipalities coordinate the replacement of company-owned HID street light luminaires with LED luminaires.

Street Light Asset Sales

A municipality could purchase all of the street light assets used to serve the municipality within its taxing jurisdiction at Net Book Value. The company is working toward providing net book value pricing in June 2018.

LED Option for Private Area Lighting

LED street light offering for residential customers (i.e., private area lighting).

Outdoor Lighting Portal

Outdoor Lighting Inventory Portal to improve the company’s management and communication regarding street light assets with customers.

Adjustments to Street lighting Service Lives

Adjustments to the average length of service of non-LED luminaires to 20 years, LED luminaires to 25 years, and 60 years for all “other” street lighting equipment assets.


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