Straight Talk – Claire Jenkins

By Eva Lindegren

We’re passionate about meeting the needs of employees, as is our entire HR team. Employees are our customers and it’s down to us to provide you with the best possible experience.

So, we’re delighted that we’re about to make a significant improvement in your experience as a manager or employee, by launching an improved and expanded MyHub at the end of October.

Like other support functions, we’ve been working on making our core processes more intuitive and streamlined – standardised across all our US and UK businesses – and developing tools that are easier to use. This will enable you to concentrate on serving your customers.

You’ll have direct access to more resources that are better connected to each other and in one place, including: your personal data; learning; career development; performance management; compensation; and, a complete view of our whole organisation. Managers will have a much better experience with recruiting, as will new employees through onboarding.

You’ll have real-time support with the WalkMe on-screen ‘coach in your computer’ to guide you through each process – so you won’t need much help and you’ll never forget what to do.

You’ll be able to access your improved HR tools and information where and when you need them, even from your mobile device.

Finally, the expanded and improved MyHub will provide a great foundation for future HR improvements, helping us all to operate more efficiently.

For more information, take a look at our new page on Infonet*. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Claire Jenkins
Group Head of Strategic HR Projects

* You need to be connected to the National Grid network to access this link.

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