Stony Brook based company uses science to fight the pandemic

By Wendy Ladd

In the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine and develop more test kits the Company is supporting a Stony Brook business that is in the running. Through National Grid’s Manufacturing Productivity Program, funding requests have been fast-tracked for businesses that are manufacturing critical products needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applied DNA Sciences quickly pivoted their business from delivering large-scale custom-manufactured DNA, which verifies if bed sheets are 100 percent cotton or if a shirt is made of recycled plastic bottles to producing a lifesaving vaccine and diagnostic testing.

When they decided to manufacture vaccine candidates and diagnostic tests, our economic development team was ready to help offset their costs. The program, in collaboration with the New York State Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY-MEP) and their regional center, offers funding up to $40,000 to reimburse customers for the costs to transition their existing facilities to produce critical medical equipment and supplies needed to support the COVID-19 response effort.

“Our goal is to partner with manufacturers statewide to retool their businesses to fight the pandemic,” said John Bruckner, National Grid’s New York President. “Our fast-track funding is one of the many ways we are helping win the war against COVID-19 by increasing productivity and implementing programs that will sustain businesses during the recovery.”

Lyle Sclair and Art Hamlin identified Applied DNA Sciences with the help of the local MEP to ensure the project met our PSC approved criteria through the Economic Development Program. When they became aware of this idea, they quickly started working on the application and fast-tracked it to get this critical work underway. Thanks to their efforts, clinical trials will begin in July.

In response to COVID-19, National Grid has streamlined the program to help manufacturers who need assistance to develop new products or implement lean manufacturing, to produce critical items to support the pandemic response. Funding will be made available to manufacturers working with their regional New York State Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers on eligible activities.  The program is part of the company’s suite of Shovel Ready economic development programs for New York.  For more information on the program and other eligibility requirements, please visit

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