Steve Holliday says ‘thank you’

Steve Holliday

Steve Holliday

After fifteen years at National Grid and almost ten years as CEO, I am spending my last day as CEO with a real sense of pride and excitement.

Pride in how all of you have delivered on safety, lived our values and responded when our customers and communities needed us most. Excitement at the prospect of what the future holds, both personally and for everyone here at National Grid.

Since announcing my retirement, many people have asked about the things that I’m most proud of. The list is long as we have achieved so much together, but I just want to share a few with you.

First is safety. We now know what it means to say it’s part of our DNA and a core value – being a safe, reliable business is not in conflict with innovation and competitiveness.

I am also hugely proud of the size and strength of our business. We are one of the largest investor owned utilities in the world and the biggest in Europe by some margin. We’re investing close to £4bn/$6bn per year, with our US investments now contributing as much as the UK to our growth. And we are at the centre of so much, an influential and important voice in the changing energy world.

It was certainly a proud moment when we won the Business in the Community’s responsible business award. Even being considered for an accolade like that, never mind winning it, would have been unthinkable ten years ago. Today the responsibility ethos is another part of our DNA and another paradox we have successfully reconciled – we’ve demonstrated that we can both do the right thing and have a fierce focus on performance. This flows through into our brand and the story we tell.  Today we have a brand that’s cohesive, joined up and commands real respect on both sides of the pond.

And lastly, there is one thing that hasn’t changed since the day I walked in to National Grid – the pride I have in working with 26,000 fantastic people. Our reputation as a trusted company that’s welcomed by our presence is built on your commitment to the customers we serve every day.

Together you have the responsibility to ensure the connection of safe, reliable energy to the communities in which we live and serve. You are the guardians of a clean and modern energy future. This will need ambition, a drive for performance, open mindedness, real humility and, at times, great courage.

As I hand over to John this afternoon, I have every confidence National Grid will continue to thrive under his leadership. It’s been a pleasure to see John develop and grow as a leader over the last fifteen years and I wish him and each of you every success in the future.

My thanks to you all


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