Stepping in to save a child

By Kathy Hill

Mike Donlan with the child he saved from choking

Syracuse-based Mike Donlan was on the road on the evening of June 5, when he noticed that another driver had pulled over to assist a woman and child. Mike stopped too and learned that the child had become unresponsive after choking on food approximately four minutes earlier.  The others involved were unsuccessful in clearing the obstruction, so Mike took over.

Putting training he received at National Grid into action, Mike was able to dislodge the food, which enabled the child to breathe again.  The child received medical attention when the ambulance arrived 10 minutes later – likely too late if not for Mike’s actions, which have earned him a National Grid Lifesaving Award.

Speaking on behalf of Mike’s supervisor and coworkers, Gary Denault, manager substations NY – Central, shared these words: “Mike has been with National Grid for six years and is presently an Electrician C in Substations Construction Services – Central.  He is a very caring and genuine individual, as evident by his actions taken to save the child. While on the job Mike is a hard worker and is known for his comical but still professional demeanor.  He gets along great with others and is a pleasure to work with. Off the job Mike is a compassionate husband and father of two sons, ages 14 and 3.”


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