Spotlight on Haverhill training crews

By Robert Harding

The following story was provided by Robert Harding, Manager OH Lines Merrimack Valley haverhill1

The Haverhill platform was opened approximately six years ago specifically for our training crews. We are fortunate to have a 46-year veteran crew leader, John L McCann, who leads a team of 16 apprentices along with crew leader Mike Lynch and first class linemen and US military veteran Chad Streeter. Since the opening of the training crew program, there have been eighteen successful graduates that are now rated linemen working off one of the other three platforms in the Merrimack Valley.

John and his team take our line business very seriously and are always focused and engaged on teaching the new line workers the safest and most efficient way of doing the work. The Haverhill crews take on some of the more complex and resource-rich jobs in the Merrimack Valley.

One job the team completed last fiscal year was a feeder upgrade on Hampstead Street in Methuen.  The job consisted of replacing over two miles of existing primary wire with new 477 spacer cable, a recloser, two load breaks, disconnects, and transferring or replacing the secondary and services along the way. The Haverhill team was able to complete the job ahead of schedule. The team is always willing to take on the tough jobs working in the right of ways replacing poles, repairing or replacing river crossing structures, switches, and replacing or splicing wire all while climbing the poles and structures with their climbing hooks and belts. There is not always access to these right of ways and the only way to do the work is by climbing the poles. John, Mike and Chad all take their turns climbing and doing the work right alongside of the apprentices.

I am very proud to say that the Haverhill team has experienced an outstanding safety record while completing a tremendous amount of work and has experienced several years with zero OSHA recordables, zero road traffic collisions and zero lost time incidents. The Haverhill team is a pleasure to work with; it is refreshing and exciting to witness this energetic and eager apprentice work force as they develop their skills. They are the future of the Merrimack Valley’s overhead department.

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