Solar Power to the People

By Dave Bertola

In recent years, National Grid’s upstate New York electricity customers have increasingly inquired about how to research and buy solar energy.

Today, that level of data is right at their fingertips, as those who are researching solar power for their homes or businesses now have an easy-to-use online portal to access information and purchase photovoltaic equipment.

The new portal, called New York Solar Marketplace, allows customers to comparison-shop solar opportunities and receive competitive quotes from pre-screened installers. Eligibility extends to both existing structures and new construction. The marketplace is part of National Grid’s commitment to the future of the energy landscape and to ensuring a quality customer experience for going solar.

By accessing the Solar Marketplace, you can:

  • Learn about solar energy and determine whether your roof is suitable.
  • Discover how to save thousands on your installation with incentives.
  • Get multiple quotes from pre-screened solar installers in your area in a standardized, easy- to-compare format.

“National Grid is committed to advancing clean energy options for our customers, and we expect the solar marketplace will help customers evaluate those options and make informed buying decisions,” said John Bruckner, president of National Grid in New York.

To deliver New York Solar Marketplace, National Grid collaborated with EnergySage, the nation’s leading online solar marketplace.

Customers can access National Grid’s New York Solar Marketplace through More energy-saving information may be found at

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