Shoes for Crews–and fun!

By Kathy Hill

Preventing slips, trips and falls is serious business at the Syracuse Office Complex, supported by the SOC Safety Committee and a companywide Safety campaign running from October through March. As part of effort, the Footwear Subcommittee educates employees about the importance of choosing safe footwear. Committee member Vicki Piazza, Protections & Compliance, took a fun, “winning” approach to the mission, setting up a Shoes for Crews game booth at the recent SOC Party in the Parking Lot. Participants completed a survey and played a beanbag-toss game captioned “Together, let’s hit our target of ZERO incidents of slips, trips & falls at the SOC.”


Vicki Piazza (right) and Erin Moro on a mission with a message

“I think the event went very well, and we received the feedback we were seeking,” said Vicki, who was assisted by coworker Erin Moro. Shoes for Crews gift certificate winners were Patricia Caples, Amanda Marshall, Mary Ellen McQuaid, Gary O’Brien and Cathy Coryell. Displayed sample shoes were given to Karen Lanning, Laura Tadevossian, David Perfitt, Karol Albano and Abhishek Rastogi.


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