Shaping future STEM leaders

By Karen Young

Our company is helping students across our service area learn about the energy industry and engineering careers. Through a number of initiatives we are committed to inspiring youth and attracting and developing the future workforce. 

One of those initiatives is Energy Tech High School, a model early college and career combing high school that prepares students for careers in STEM – science, technology, engineering and math.  We are partnering with Energy Tech providing technical support to help shape the curriculum, field trips to company learning centers and power plants, mentoring opportunities and summer internships. The inaugural class of Energy Tech High school graduated on June 27.  Ken Daly met the first class of high school freshmen four years ago and had the opportunity to speak with them again for Senior Awards Night.  Two of the graduates are interning with us this summer in Customer Meter Services (CMS) and with the NY Jurisdiction Customer & Community Management team.  Click here to read more.

Ken Daly, President, National Grid New York, congratulating Energy Tech’s inaugural class of graduating seniors.

Gabrielle Delacruz and Safwan Shahid, members of the first graduating class of Energy Tech High School, join National Grid’s summer intern program to continue their interest in STEM and energy.



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