Service Quality and Performance Metrics


This article is one of a series on the major components of our upstate NY rate case

National Grid’s new, comprehensive multi-year rate plan establishes a number of operational and customer service metrics that create the potential for both positive and negative revenue adjustments, based on the company’s performance during a year.

The plan offers the company the chance to earn positive incentives or be penalized in areas including:

  • Service terminations and uncollectible expense
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Leak-prone pipe removal
  • Damage prevention
  • Gas emergency response


The company potentially will face penalties for failure to meet to targets including:

  • The long-standing Service Quality Assurance Program
  • A gas cost estimating metric
  • A gas safety regulations performance metric


The Service Quality Assurance Plan is designed to maintain and improve service quality in two broad areas, customer service performance and electric reliability. Specific metrics for customer service include PSC complaint rate, call answer rate, and residential and small commercial and industrial customer satisfaction.  Under electric reliability, the metrics are based on two measures of electric service (system average interruption frequency and the customer average interruption duration), the inspections and maintenance program, and a cost estimating metric.

Most of the metrics will be measured on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1, 2018.



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