Sequestered National Grid Employee runs “Boston Marathon” in parking lot

By Emily Smaldino

Many people around the nation, and the world, know that the third Monday of April is dedicated as ‘Marathon Monday’ in Boston, Massachusetts. This year, Dave Martin, Shift Supervisor at National Grid’s Northboro Distribution Control Center, (DCC) planned to run the Boston marathon.

Not only did Dave train for five months, but he raised more than $8,000 for his 13-person team. The funds raised go directly to an organization close to his heart – the Tenacity Organization. This special organization ensures youth build a foundation for lifelong achievement through in-school, after-school and summer programs that provide tools for excellence in school, career and life.

“Proud to share that all of my fundraising goes directly toward building pathways to post-secondary success,” said Dave.

Disappointing news was announced to the world on March 14 that the famous Boston Marathon had to postpone from April 20 to September 14, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To Dave, September was too long to wait to complete his third marathon, especially because he’s been sequestered in the Northboro DCC since March 23. The idea of creating and completing his own marathon in the Northboro parking lot was created. However, Dave didn’t tell anyone his plan because he didn’t want to make a big deal out of his symbolic gesture. He circled the lots 26 times. Each lap and corner weave equaled one mile plus the last 0.2. When asked if he grew bored with the scenery, Dave responded with, “Yes, but I was 100% motivated by my friends at the Tenacity Organization.”

His marathon strategically started at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, April 20, while his colleagues were either on shift or sleeping. Once Dave’s colleagues realized what was happening, he was already on mile 15. They began cheering him on every few miles and handing him water. Several of his colleagues from the control rooms cheered him on as he crossed the homemade finish line. Dave was happy with his time, finishing under 4 ½ hours. Since he wanted to keep his race under the radar, he agreed to share his story to hopefully inspire others to run/walk and raise funds for a cause that has meaning to them.

And yes, Dave still plans to participate in the official Boston marathon, now scheduled for September 14.

To learn more about Dave and how to contribute to his fundraising effort, feel free to reach out to him directly (

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