Schenectady CMS reps donate time to build

cms-habitat-2Service Reps from the Schenectady barn have been volunteering their time and efforts to Habitat for Humanity.

On a weekly basis some of the Reps have gone to work at 685 Carrie St in Schenectady, NY, just west of Albany, to help construct a new home.  Starting with laying cement blocks for the foundation to framing and sheet rocking the walls, the Schenectady Service Reps have helped in nearly every stage of construction of the house thus far. cms-habitat-1

The project is still ongoing and the Schenectady Service Reps continue to volunteer their time and skills.


The group was also involved in a tug of war competition and our folks donated money to compete with the help of their coworkers sponsoring them to do so.img_5618  The proceeds all went towards Habitat for Humanity. The Mom and children of the home that our reps have been volunteering building her home was at the event and very thankful.  The entire Habitat staff was very thankful as well and couldn’t say enough good about our employees.


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Mary Jordan

I have worked with Habitat for Humanity in Saratoga Springs and am waiting to be called for the next step. I was wondering if other National Grid employees also volunteer, so I’m glad to know that there are some who do. I just thought if there is ever a time when several people are needed at one time if there is a way to get many of our coworkers together to help. Thanks!


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