Salem LNG celebrates safety success

By Lois Bentivegna

The Salem LNG plant achieved a significant safety milestone – 12,000 days without a lost time incident. Last month, the team celebrated this accomplishment together with a barbecue lunch at the plant joined by friends, co-workers and union and management leaders. It’s obvious that the team is serious about safety and proud of their achievements, but that doesn’t mean they ever take their guard down.

“We don’t get comfortable and complacent.  We listen to our plant operators and they are encouraged to raise safety concerns at any time and to take ownership for the safe operation of the plant. The staff performs personal and process safety risk assessments and Process Hazard Analysis for our plant systems to identify hazards and mitigating strategies. We believe in a proactive approach to safety – Find the problem before it finds you!”  – Frank Su – Director LNG US 

Salem LNG Facts

  • Salem LNG Facility is located on 16 acres on Beverly harbor
  • It has operated as an LNG plant since 1971 – 46 years
  • Tank capacity – 12 million gallons of LNG or 42 million pounds when full.
  • Staffed and operated 24 hours each day, 365 days a year (six operators, one supervisor)
  • Tank is filled by over-the-road tanker trailers – 600 – 1200 loads each year.
  • LNG stored at −256 °F requiring extreme care when handling
  • Plant personnel operate LNG pumps and heating equipment to provide additional natural gas supplies to our customers during the coldest days of the year.
  • Routine plant operational and security tours completed on every shift.
  • Plant operates in all types of weather, even during the worst weather conditions such as blizzards and ice storms.

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