Safety Matters and It Shows

Beacon North employees
The Beacon North Underground Lines group in New York’s Central Division is enjoying a safety record five years strong: no injuries requiring time away from work. Manager Corey Monk and lead supervisor, Josh Pierie, treated the team to breakfast after a monthly safety meeting, recognizing employees for their commitment to safety.

“We really appreciate you guys. This is a big accomplishment, especially considering the conditions you work under every day. You all do a great job and you deserve to be recognized,” Pierie said to the group.

“We look out for each other in this group,” said splicer, Bryan Preaster. “No one wants to get hurt, but we really don’t want it to happen to anyone else. The focus on safety goes from the top down and back up again. Everyone takes it seriously.”

Subway underground foreman, Steven Bensch, echoed the group’s commitment to safety. “We stay focused on the work and follow every procedure, so it’s a good feeling to reach five years and be recognized for it,” he said.

“This group works hard, every single day,” Monk said. We give them the information they need to work safely, but they’re the ones who make it happen.”

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